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Brent Barton for State Representative


Friends, It is an honor to represent you in the legislature. The challenges we face are real, and I know folks in Salem – and in our community – don’t always see eye to eye on the best path forward. Still, this past year, with hard work and bipartisanship, we passed some legislation that benefits the middle class. I worked hard to represent our values and beliefs, and I fight for what is best for our district. As your State Representative I’m proud of the following:

  • Reinvesting $1 billion back into our public schools, reversing 30 years of cuts.

  • Securing a $5 million state investment for redevelopment of the Blue Heron site at Willamette Falls – an unprecedented opportunity for our local community.

  • Defending seniors by double funding Oregon Project Independence, which helps seniors live independently rather than be forced into retirement homes.

  • Defending Oregon veterans by increasing access to education, health benefits and job opportunities for returning troops.

But there is still work that needs to be done. You have voiced your concerns, and I’ve listened to you and heard you. I ask for your vote in 2014, so we can continue to take steps forward to benefit and improve our community and the state we love.

Posted July 28, 2014.

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